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PoliRural is a European research project shared among 38 partners across Europe and 12 pilot areas funded under the Horizon 2020 programme. County Monaghan was chosen to be the pilot area in Ireland and will be facilitated through Monaghan Integrated Development. PoliRural has a simple, if ambitious, objective – to explore how to make rural places and professions more attractive for established rural populations and recent or potential newcomers. Further details...
County Monaghan PoliRural Pilot Research Project

Foresight: Understand the Present – Envision the Future – Change the Present to Prepare for the Future.
Monaghan Integrated Development has undertaken a number of research activities as part of our pilot work with PoliRural. We conducted research with the PoliRural stakeholder panel identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for Co. Monaghan. This research considered public services, social activities and recreation, living conditions and quality of life, human capital, rural culture, business, economy and innovation, climate change, the environment and biodiversity, and BREXIT.

Another piece of research focused on LEADER policy, specifically LEADER policy as it impacts on Rural Attractiveness. The PoliRural stakeholder panel considered the implementation of LEADER in Co. Monaghan rating its effectiveness concerning the theme of rural environment.

Monaghan Integrated Development with the stakeholder panel carried out a Drivers analysis identifying and considering six factors that are likely to drive change in Co. Monaghan into the future. These drivers are social, technological, economic, environmental, political and human values. As part of our foresight work, we considered how the resilient, agile and sustainable rural community of tomorrow might look. This includes historical and cultural tourism, circular and bio-economy and the local food supply chain. We considered what impacts on the local food supply and what supports may be needed; for example, growers’ cooperatives, sales and marketing, land availability, and alternatives to land purchase.

Recently, Monaghan Integrated Development completed research on the impact of COVID-19 on our region. The results of the research showed, as expected, that the pandemic lockdown had a huge impact on Co. Monaghan. However, while the pandemic and the resulting lockdown did present challenges, it also presented opportunities for changes and innovation in the practices of education, employment and life style many of which will continue to grow.

A lot of work has been completed; however, many areas mentioned above have not yet been thoroughly examined and research is ongoing. We encourage those with an interest in developing County Monaghan to consider participating in PoliRural. If you would like more information about the ongoing research, please contact the office.
PoliRural Kick off Event 2019
Gabriel O’Connell, MID, and John O’Flaherty, MAC - PoliRural Launch, Prague June 2019
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