LEADER Application Process

Applying for LEADER funding is a two step process.

Step 1: Expression of Interest Form (EOI)

The Expression of Interest Form is the first step in seeking funding support through the Transitional LEADER Programme 2021 - 2022. It is used to outline your project proposal and check if it is eligible to progress to the Application Form stage. Eligibility is checked against the LEADER Operating Rules and the Monaghan Local Development Strategy. Include as much information as you can on this form to provide us with as clear as possible picture of what your proposed project entails. The Expression of Interest Form and Expression of Interest Guidance Notes are available to download below.

Expression of Interest Form

Expression of Interest Guidance Notes


Step 2: LEADER Application Form

If your proposed project is deemed eligible, you will receive your LEADER Application Pack and an invitation to attend a Pre-Application Workshop that will provide you with assistance and guidance on completing the application form.   Fully completed application forms with all supporting documentation will be assessed by an Independent Evaluation Committee who will make a recommendation, and a final decision regarding funding will then be made by Monaghan Local Action Group.  LEADER Development Staff will be available to answer any queries on  or telephone 042-9749500.


Downloadable Application Documents

A copy of the LEADER full application form is available directly from your assigned Development Officer.   A copy of the LEADER Application Form Guidance Notes is available by clicking here,

Below is a list of reference documents for applicants in the process of completing the full application form.  Your assigned Development Officer can provide guidance on which documents below (if any) are required for your particular project.    

•   FTS6 Tender and Schedule for Works

•   Instructions to Tenderers

•   Short Public Works Contract

•   Works Declaration LEADER (WDL)