What support can LEADER provide?

The Monaghan LEADER programme provides funding for projects across the county that promote social inclusion, develop the local economy through enterprise and tourism, and protect the environment.  We can provide help and support with training, developing a business plan or community plan, and with providing capital assistance for an enterprise start-up or expansion.  To be eligible for funding, proposed projects must be in line with the themes and sub-themes contained in Monaghan Local Development Strategy (LDS).  The strategy was developed through a bottom-up approach where the community identified its own needs and priorities with a view to focusing funding on those areas.

The full Monaghan Local Development Strategy document and a summary of the document is available by clicking here.  Proposed projects must also be in line with LEADER Operating Rules for the RDP 2014-2020.


Who can apply for LEADER funding? 

  • Individuals and groups with a rural enterprise start-up idea
  • Existing rural businesses that are looking to expand or diversify their enterprise
  • Community groups interested in developing social enterprises, local facilities and amenities, infrastructure and services
  • Voluntary groups interested in promoting the environment and local social amenities
  • Partnership groups interested in working with each other for the benefit of the wider community

For information and ideas on What kinds of projects can be funded by Monaghan LEADER, please click here.


What are the rates and levels of aid available?

The following rates of aid are the maximum rate available.  Please note that applicants who are successful may not receive the maximum rate of aid sought, which will be decided upon by Monaghan Local Action Group.

  • Private applicant up to 50% for investment & other supports (to a maximum level of €200,000)
  • Community applicant up to 75% for capital projects & other supports (to a maximum level of €200,000, or where a community group has no economic activity €500,000)
  • Private applicant up to 75% or Community applicant up to 90% for analysis and development (to a maximum of €30,000)
  • Training Programmes up to 100% (to a maximum level of €200,000)

The minimum grant rate payable is €2,500 and therefore the lowest amount that can be sought under Monaghan LEADER.  


How do I apply for LEADER funding?

Applying for Monaghan LEADER funding is a two-step process.  In summary, the steps are:

Step 1:  Complete and submit an Expression of Interest Form

Step 2:  If your project is deemed eligible, complete and submit a full Application Form

For an Expression of Interest form and further information on the LEADER Application Process, click here.


Open Rolling Calls and Time Limited Calls

Due to recent changes to the delivery of the LEADER Programme at a national level, for the majority of strategic actions under Monaghan LEADER you can submit an Expression of Interest form at any time during the life of the programme (subject to available budget).  These are termed ‘Open Rolling Calls’.  However, there are a few strategic actions for which Monaghan LEADER funding will only be available based on ‘Time-Limited Calls’ that involve an opening and a closing date for submission of Expression of Interest forms.  Details of Open Rolling Calls and Time-Limited Calls are available by clicking here.  These calls will also be advertised in the local press, or for the latest news you can follow us on twitter or telephone us on 042 9749500.