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Innovating Communities in Monaghan – where the sky is the limit! Check out the full Monaghan blog post here.
We, Monaghan Integrated Development, have partnered with Icecream Architecture to deliver the Innovating Communities project along with some financial support from Combilift.
We believe that Monaghan can combat the uncertainty of Brexit and COVID19 while leading the delivery of Innovative Thinking in the county & border region.
Already, we are proud of the innovation in Monaghan community projects such as the Sliabh Beagh Hotel Community Hotel, Concra Wood Golf & Country ClubCoH-Sync (Community Health Sync Project) plus much more, along with innovative business practices and production by Combilift.
We're building a strong challenge bank on the website with themes and challenges such as Climate Transition, Rural Attractiveness, Digital Inclusion, and Improved Accessibility for people with disabilities and more, posted so far. But we want to hear more from YOU.
Visit the website and register at 
Innovating Communities will enable local Monaghan people to lead change in their area so get involved!
To chat more about the project with MID, contact Collette  / 087 176 1732
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