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Monaghan Smallholder Initiative is a service offered by Monaghan Integrated Development for small farm holder families in Co. Monaghan. Development Officer, Michael Donohoe offers support on a one-to-one basis to low income small farm holder households. The primary purpose of the support is to help improve family income and thereby safeguard the economic viability of the household.

Every small farm household is different; therefore support is tailored to the individual needs. To achieve this, the service begins by helping to:
  • Examine the current household situation – farm, off farm income, etc.
  • Resolve to change any issues that need attention.
  • Consider options for the future – changes on the farm, re-skilling etc.
  • Plan a course of action to achieve personal/family/household goals.
What’s Available
Support is offered on addressing issues such as:
    • Examine ways of improving the current farming activity.
    • Obtaining maximum entitlements under Social Welfare, EU, Agricultural and other relevant schemes.
    • Training or up-skilling individuals or groups.
    • Helping to secure off-farm employment to supplement the family farm income.
    • Helping to develop new business ideas and individuals to establish their own business.
    • Improving social, living conditions and quality of life.
    • Making representations to other organisations or agencies on behalf of clients.
    • Assisting small farm holders to access all relevant services available to them.
    • Targeting social exclusion.
The service aims to enable individuals/households make informed decisions about their future social and economic needs and to assist them in bringing their plans to fruition.
For further information or to discuss any issue, please contact: Michael Donohoe
Training support is offered on an individual or group basis. Group courses are held when there is sufficient demand for a specific skill. There is also financial support available to eligible people to apply for funding to complete a particular course that they require to find employment.
To apply for funding, complete the application form. Click Here
Return the form to the Development Officer and following consultation and assessment, funding may be offered to fund part of the course costs.
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